M-20 Agile And Nimble

Step aboard the M-20 and you’ll notice right away the intricate attention to detail throughout, and quickly realize this boat out-performs the competition.  Agile and nimble, the power-packed M-20 boast sleek lines and fluid curves, and is loaded with amenities waiting to be embraced by both new and experienced boaters alike!

BEAM 8′ 4″ (6.0 m)
FUEL CAPACITY  36 gal (2.5 m)
LOA W/SWIM PLATFORM  19′ 10″ (136 ltr)
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US Unit Metric Unit Description
Beam 8′ 4″ 2.5 m Width of hull at widest section including rubrail
Bridge Clearance w/Tower 89″ 2.26 m Height from water to highest point on tower, normal load
Deadrise 19° 19° Angle of keel measured at transom
Draft – Stern Drive Down 37″ 94 cm Depth of hull to bottom of stern drive, trimmed down
Draft – Stern Drive Up 19″ 48.3 cm Depth of hull to lowest point, stern drive trimmed up
Dry Weight 3,400 lbs 1,542 kg Mass of boat with engine(s) and batteries, no fuel, water, waste, or gear
Fuel Capacity 36 gal 136 ltr Capacity of fuel tank in gallons/liters
LOA W/Swim Platform 19′ 10″ 6.0 m Length Overall, including add-on swim platform, not including bow rail or anchor roller
Max Persons Weight 1650 lbs 675 kg Maximum capacity of people that can be safely carried in pounds/kilograms
Max Persons/Gear Weight 1655 lbs 755 kg Maximum capacity of people and gear that can be safely carried in pounds/kilograms
Max Power 280 hp 208.8 kw Maximum horsepower for safe operation